Discover an Ancient Principle Driven by a Modern Process that Attracts Prosperity and Connects you with People, Passion, and Purpose.

Learn how to be guided every day by your own voice.

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The Promptings Process may be the single best system ever created to nurture relationships and attract prosperity. Kody Bateman

The Promptings Process includes a daily mechanism where you send out appreciation to people in your life. The process activates your inner voice and guides you to new relationships, better decisions, and better on-purpose direction.

When your inner promptings are activated, they need to be nourished with positivity. The Promptings Process includes methods, best practices, and tools that keep your inner voice nourished and active.

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This way, you can download and read the book, learn the Promptings Process, and see for yourself how that process gets initiated by sending cards.

We would never expect you to just take our word for it, take a look at what others are saying:

Erin Stephens Wow, just got through reading the ebook! Kody Bateman, it is truly incredible! Thanks for putting so much into this tool for us! It is so great watching this all evolve! Thank you for including us in this process!

Gordon Hall We are all excited to see the final ebook, to read the added bonus chapter, to use the different links, and most of all to be able to use this in spreading your vision! The possibilities of the Promptings Loop are endless!

Jerry Meeks I just finished reading The Prompting Process ebook and words really can't describe ALL the POWER that is inside. Kody & Team you have knocked it out of the park on this one. AMAZING!!!

Travis Lape Okay, friends if you have not downloaded and read the promptings book STOP what you are doing and get it done. This is a remarkable book that has my mind spinning on ways this book is going to open up new doors for me. We have one of the best storytellers in the world with our CEO Kody Bateman. I am only halfway through this and just love how easy it reads. Way to go Kody and the team for this.

Joanne & Jim Craig We attended Kody’s event and WOW total mind shift! The message was clear and told in a way that anyone could understand. The ebook and the event were incredible and really led you to where you zeroed in on your WHY for your life. Your purpose!

Joy Klohonatz It is brilliant how it takes our core message of promptings and intertwines between ourselves & outside to others. I particularly love how it all got tied together for relationship marketing for businesses.

Those who learn this process and act on their promptings by using the mechanism will naturally attract the benefits you have been reading about.

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